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The suicide of Meenhar from a college student from Eden, a pushing boyfriend

Her family claims to have suicidal by instigating Sahama Kalam Mega (21) from Jahlakati, a second-year finalist of the Social Assistance Department at Eden College, Dhaka. After the incident, friend Mahhibab and her mother, Selina Begum, locked themselves in the house of Jalokati and fled to the house.

Mega Abul Bachar's uncle has filed a lawsuit against the Kalabagan police station in a case where Mahbubi and his mother are allegedly loved. The police in Calabagan discovered the body of Mega after hanging from a room on the fourth floor 74/1 on 74/1 on Free Street Road in the Kathalbagan area in Dhaka on Sunday night.

On Thursday, Mega Abul's father, Kalam Aḑd, presented the information at a press conference at his residence, in the immediate vicinity of Dhalacati's house. At that time, the mother of Mega Rubina Azad and Uncle Abul Basar demanded exemplary punishment before investigating her husband Selina Begum and her mother Selina Begum for her death.

Mega Rubina's mother said in the press statement: "My only daughter, Mega, was a worthy disciple. In 2010, Mega was admitted to the Social Care Department at Eden College. Three years ago, Mehobob Hassan (25) from Eastern Dalkalti Chandkata developed a love relationship with Mega.

Mahabid Hassan, son of the deceased Nafjus Rahman, an honorary disciple in the last year of college Barrisal Hatem Ali, Mahbi Hassan. My daughter met Megra for two years, and Mahabi visited Dhaka's home in Dhaka for two years. A year ago we learned about the matter and kept our daughter under strict management. Mahabi promised he could not meet Mega and promised him a marriage.

Then he again contacted Megar and began to meet him. In the family initiative of both countries, Mebob handed out the date of Cabin's registration twice to marry Mega.

Megar Rubina's mother also said that at one stage this way, on the last day of April 21, Mega and Mawebi married a secret to registering a wedding day. Mahba did not tell Mega to give this incident to the house, Mahobby did not go to Dhaka and made a very humiliating video call on the cell phone that day. Without being able to carry it, Mega chose to take the road of suicide on April 21, 445 45, hanging her neck in the face of a video call.

After the 5-minute Dhhalati incident, the mother of Megar was told of suicide, Mahiba said. At 5:17 am, Mehdi's girlfriend, Megina Afrin Azad, has committed suicide, Mahabhi said on the mobile phone at 01750071853. Megar Aboul's father Kalam Aad said that after receiving the news, we went to Dhaka and after the death we found Mega's body from the police. At that time the police immediately informed the girl about the incident, questioning Meher and confiscating the goods with a cell phone and a diary.

At the press conference yesterday, Mega's parents and children demanded exemplary punishments, accusing their friend Machi and his mother of not having married Mega.

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In this connection, Mahabir's mobile phone 01750071853 is closed when it connects. When Mahabid went to Eastern Chandkat's house and asked about the locals, the neighbors said they had locked the house after Shab-e-Barat.

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