Sunday , June 4 2023

The youngster did not even reach the finals with India


Mahmoudul Hassan won the match to a great age. But Bangladesh's coppers couldn't handle it. At each stage the boys had to defeat India to win the title. They couldn't do the same as adults. Indian youth are champions for four successful FIFT runs.

Bangladesh's top-5 team scored 20 runs in the winning century at Hove County Ground on Sunday. India went on to win a wicket with 5 wickets to keep 5 balls. It also confirmed their three-series title.

Bangladesh won the toss and started the opener with two openers. Mahmudul joined Parves Hosain Aimon after Tanjid Hassan came out for 5. 5 marked series. Perves came back with 5 runs.

Then in the middle of the young feeds called the middle storm. Touhid Hearts, Shahadat Hossain, Akbar Aliira did not receive a letter. Mahmudul returned the team for six more in the sixth wicket with Shamim Patwari. The batsman was cut in the run, scoring four runs and four sixes in his six-ball innings.

India got off to a big start with a goal of 212. Two openers Yai Jaisal and Dinesh Saxenai brought in a two-match stand. After the two returned to Fifty, they reached the harbor of victory at Priam Garg and two more from Druv Jurel.

Short result:

Bangladesh U-4 Team: Twenty-four overs (Tanzid 21, Parves 1, Mahmudul 3, Hearts 1, Shahadat 1, Akbar 1, Shamim, 12, Detroit 3, Tanzim 2, Sharyl 3, Rakibul 3 *; 1/3, Vishnu 3/1, Hegde 1/12, Kanpilevar 1/3)

India U-4 Team: 6/6 at 24/7 (Jaisal 1, Saxena 3, Priam 1, Kanpilevar 2, Dhruv 3 *, Tilak 1 *; Shariful 1/12, Tanzim 1/12, Shamim 1/3, Deathjad 1/3, Heart. Rakibul 2/3)

The result: India won with 5 wicks

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