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There is no freedom as a freedom fighter: Cadder Sidiki

Mian Mohammad Hasan Ali Reza, a famous freedom fighter, senior lawyer and peasant, was buried on Sunday in a statehood in the hands of criminals killed by villains. The second smear-e-janase was buried at the family cemetery in Bahale Dahil's place in Gattlel.

Earlier, his first prayers for smear-jazz in the area of ​​Sadhur Mosque in Tangley were held at 10:30. He is addressing the rally before Yanaga, Bangalore, Abdul Kader Siddiky, Bir Utah, and Tangale Raikul Islam Khan Lade, lawyer. After the anointing of the mask, the body of Hassan Ali was taken to his village of Gattlel, Bayal.

In his speech, Abdul Kader Siddiky said, "Once proud as a freedom fighter, it would be. But if a freedom fighter has to die in this way, there is no chance to become a freedom fighter. If a senior lawyer dies like this, and if there is no decision, then I will not mind if there is no state or country.

He said, "I am also the son of a lawyer, you do not have to die that way, you can not accept it in any way." He called on those arrested to bring them to justice, lawyer Hassan Ali Reza was a member of the Central Committee the league of the Yana in Krishak Sramik.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, around 23 am, lawyers at the Bar Association organized a protest rally in which they demanded the arrest and execution of the murderers of Hassan Ali Briates. Later, a congressional meeting was held at Hall Bar. The president of Raiful Islam County, Khan Lead, the district council president, chairs the program. Among the lawyers, Mir Shamsul Alaham Shahdjada, Md. Abdul Gafur Mia. Nur Islam, Md. Abdul Baki Mia, Han Muhammad Khaled, Md. Fizur Rahman, Abdus Salam Chaklarar, Arfan Ally Molla, Ananda Mohan Arya, and Akbar Khan. The meeting was organized by the General Secretary of the Attorney-at-Law Maydul Islam Shishir. Speakers said the murderers would be arrested and brought to justice in the next 24 hours. Otherwise, the rough movement will develop.

Full references to the court were held in the Tangle area and the blackout of the judges at noon sessions. District Judge and Session said. Shawat Ali Choudhuri. At the same time, all legal proceedings have been ruled on that day.

Meanwhile, Tangalle, Sadar Circle, Rezar Rahman, said we could be arrested for a short time in the murders. We are in a very close position. Now I can not say anything about the investigation.

Hassan Ali Reza disappeared on July 8th after drinking tea from his house in Sabalah, Tangley, and disappeared. Five days after the disappearance, police recovered his body from the Luchajang River on Saturday at noon on Saturday. After the disappearance, Titus filed a lawsuit for kidnapping with Titu, son of Ria from Mia Mohammad Hassan Ali, at the Tangale Sadar police station.

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