Monday , June 14 2021

There is no interest in the Left Front and the Islamic Movement

Decoration: Pulle Do not take part in the choice of Upazila Parishad and mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCCC). According to Islamic movements Bangladesh. Left Democratic Alliance to discuss with each other to make a decision. However, some of the leaders of the alliance say they are less likely to take part.

The government is preparing for the elections and the election of the DNA, cutting the severity of the Eleventh Parliamentary Elections. The elections will take place on 28 February from the first week of March in the NMS and during the first week of March. There is no visible focus on the selection of other countries except the Awami League.

In the December 30 elections, eight left-wing parties gave candidates 150 seats. On the other hand, the Islamic Movement gives candidates 299 seats.

The BNP said it would not take part in other elections under the government. Secretary General Mirza Fahrull Islam Allamir after the meeting of the GNP Permanent Committee in Gulshan on Thursday evening told the decision.

In the evening of eleventh parliamentary elections in the evening, the Democratic Union of the Left announces the election of "provocative elections" and rejects the results. They also complained of fraud, fraud, and various programs to require re-election. They have not yet made any decision with Upazila or DNCC. Coalition partners will decide on Sunday 27 January.

Secretary General of the Communist Party of Bangladesh and Democracy Alliance coordinator Shah Alam said in the first light: "Now we are thinking about Dawson. I will participate in it. The elections for Usazila or the northern city have not yet been resolved. The meeting will be held on January 27th. There will be discussions about movement and movement.

Sayyu Heeke, secretary general of Bangladesh's Revolutionary Workers' Party, one of the left-wing allies, said in the first light: "There is no minimum credibility of the Electoral Commission." In the way the Election Commission became a constitutional institution, it became loyal governmental party or coalition, we do not see the slightest break for free and fair elections, we will not participate in the election of Dhaka by our party, we will discuss the alliance, we will make our decision by reviewing the situation.

As to whether any other anti-government party would challenge without the Awami League or the alliance, Saiful Haque said: "The government wants it." They have committed crimes by taking away the crime and the franchise on December 30th. It was almost a month. So far, we have not seen any self-criticism from the government.

The leader of the left-wing alliance has said the government has not yet taken any political initiative, political parties can be trusted if the government announces it through new elections or mid-elections. She complained that she was actively pursuing the occupation of other places. He also said, "In this situation, I think that the opportunity to participate in these elections for us is very low. But the decision will be made after the official meeting.

The Islamist movement Bangladesh, the religious political party that gave candidates in almost all places, also rejected the vote on December 30th. They also insist on re-election for various accusations. Party Political Advisor Ashraf Ali Akon said in the first light: "The government has violated its promise. The Prime Minister asked them to believe in him to make a good choice. But he has lost confidence. That is why we will not go to other elections under this government. We are not going to the elections because of hatred and shame.

Ashraf said he would be officially announced soon, but the party has not made a decision not to go to the polls. Asked if there is any opportunity for any opposition to participate in the anti-government agenda, the team will think about the situation.

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