Thursday , July 29 2021

This week is the result of the appointment of a private teacher

The result of recruiting 40 thousand teachers into private schools in the country will be published this week. The draft of the results has already been prepared by the petitioner's registration and certification body (NTRCA). NTTRA officials have decided to officially publish the results this week.

It is learned that about 3 million applications have been received from the country against 40,000 vacancies in private educational institutions. In the merit list, about 7 lakh candidates from the first 14th Registrar have applied for an average of 7 applications.

If you want to know, the chairman of NTSC SUM Asfak Hussein Jago told News that work on delivering results is at the last stage, the work on verification is now taking place. The results of the recruitment of teachers will be published this week. After publishing the results, the SMS will be sent to the selected candidate in the list of merits through a mobile phone. In addition, hired educational institutions will be asked to send SMS and e-mail to selected mobile candidates.

The program will begin two to three days after the announcement of the results, the chairman said.

It is learned that the NRC has published a public statement on December 18 for the appointment of 39,535 teachers in private schools, college, madress and technical institutes. From 19 December to 2 January, an online application was submitted. According to the list, about seven dozen candidates from about 14 registered candidates applied for nearly 3 million applications. On the other hand, the registered candidates in different batches filed eight cases in court to stop the recruitment process.

According to the sources of NTPA, 23 officials and staff of NTPC work 24 hours a day to prepare the results of the recruitment after the application is completed. Many of them work for fruit production until midnight. Not only that, the weekly holiday was canceled on Friday and Saturday in the autonomous organization. In these two days, they work to achieve results. It is therefore possible to publish the results within the last 15 days of the submission of the application.

Officials have stated that registered applicants have applied for more than one educational institution to receive the appointment. Merits are considered worthy to be selected in more than one place and the candidate's name is removed from the others. A list of the results of teacher recruitment is thus drawn up.

They said the NTMRC thought to publish the results after a large number of recruits were held at a press conference. But by January 24th, the Education Minister and Education Minister will remain outside Dhaka, he is not sure to have a press conference. Results news can therefore be reported to the media by sending a notification in the previous method of forced submission. Today's decision will be taken in the way the results will be published.

NRP chairman Ashfak Hussein said the court ordered the appointment of a teacher from the Ministry of Education up to the age limit of 35 years. Those who can not apply because of their age limit have made 8 letters in the new Supreme Court. We have already rejected 7. The rest will be sued today to resolve on Tuesday.

He said, "We are making the result of the assignment of digital teachers with transparent and accurate software. There are no irregularities here. It can easily be identified if someone has it. So I think nobody will be able to raise any questions on this issue. "In addition, a new teacher recruitment has begun in private institutions," said NTPP chairman.


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