Thursday , May 13 2021

To whom the fish, the meat does not eat kareena!


Shahid Kapur lives in Bebo's life. Shahid and Karina have changed in their lives today. Carina is married to Naubab Saif Ali Kahn, a 10-year-old boy from Saif Ali Khan. On the other hand, Shahid married her 13-year-old daughter, Myra Raidut, who was seen by her family. But at one point in the love of these Shahid Capore Nanduni he forgot everything.

Shahid-Kareena's love began in 2004 in the film time of Fida. Carina Shahid or Karina did not hide their relationship from the beginning. Even when she decides to marry Shahid, she decides to marry a fish. Especially he loved to eat meat. But Shahid Kapop had not eaten fish, Mang. Evergreen was a vegetarian. Love Shahid, do not forget to eat fish and meat only for Shahid. At that time Shahid-Karina and Kishma with Karisha struck the episode. Lolo said about the sister factory. Look what did Karina and Karisha do on that day?

If all this is gone now Shahid-Karina, they both have chosen another time. After marrying Saif, Begum Begum began to eat fish, meat as his first life.

It is known that the mother of Saif Sharmila Thakurai or Carina have prepared the words of the first Bengal fish. After Shaif Karina's wedding, Sharmila Tagor said that at first she could not understand what would be prepared for Carina? Because there are very few terms in vegetables. Then he began to cook pearls from Bengal for Carina, and Carina preferred to eat them with them as well.

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