Thursday , November 26 2020

Today is the first anniversary of the death of the poet Belal Chowdhuri

Today is the first anniversary of the death of the poet "Ekushi Padak" Belal Chowdhuri. Today, this year, he dies at the modern Anwar Khan Hospital in Dunmodi, Dhaka.

Belal Choudhuri was born on 12 November 1938 in Farnell's Sardinjah. Rafhidden Ahmed Choudhuri and poet Monita Ahthur Hatton Choudhuri, the biggest of the nine children of the couple. In 1952, as a left-wing political activist, he was arrested for a state language movement. Balal Choudhuri, who died in Calcutta in 1963, has undergone a number of fishing activities in journalism, prison and deep sea. There he receives full attention from his literary genre. Belal Chowdhury returns to Kolkata from Kolkata in 1974. Since then, progressive political-cultural movements have been unanimously committed. She is one of the founders of the National Council of Poetry and the Pabalayian Poetry Association.

During the Calcutta bus, he joined the editing of literary magazines, Kritbahaban. Later, Palibalarta, Siddhartha Sankhi, Bharatbichitra edited several times. The memorial was also published on the occasion of the marriage of a friend, Shunil Gangoodaphay.

Besides his name, he also writes in the nicknames "Valal Sen", "Murawagan" and "Sabotunin". His poems include: In Nishad province, Bella Chowdhuri's poetry, self-portrait, fixed life and space, the full moon of the ocean, the tailor's shadow, the poetry poetry, thirty-two, the sound of Shair Shimul. Among his other books are: Falmbdun from Stambhulung, Figurine cover, Chandraseelas of consciousness, Mild Glare, Waves of the wind and the miracle of life Falgadun

Ecuşey Padak, literary prize at the Academy of Bangla and different national and international recognition.

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