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Unbelievable quarrel of the loot

Staff accountant May 18, 2015, Saturday, 10:11 am

Unbelievable. Unimaginable. Who knows what happened in the history of the world before the loot? By the way, this incident happened in the Ruppur nuclear power plant project. Seeing the cost of taking furniture and purchasing furniture in the building, built for project staff, they will all see. Storm in social media, even in such a senseless business. Some people are kidding, the hero of the film, Bachhali, comes to Bangladesh, working on pillows. Many people, instead of studying the BSC, wanted to find work for pillows. Honorable people say that government money is proven, proven at different times. But such amazing stories can not be accepted at all. They asked to investigate the case.

World record of price increase: Let's look at the price of buying flat accessories and how much it costs to get in the apartment. The price for purchasing each pillow is reduced to Tk. And the price of each pillow has risen to Tk 760. The cost of buying each bed is shown in Tk 5986. The cost has been increased by 931 rupees. Sheets and pillows 330 are bought. The purchase price is 43357 pct. The cost increase is 10773 rupees. The cab is bought 110. The price for buying an electric stove is 7747 so. The price of lifting the oven is Tk 6650. The cost of purchasing each electric kettle is shown in Tk 5313. The cost of Tk. To clean the room cleaning machine, the price is shown in Tk 12018. The cost of the rise was shown in the Tk 6650. The cost of purchasing each electric iron is 4154. The rise of Tk. The cost of the television is 86960. The rising price is 7638 rupees. The TV was purchased 110. The cabinet was cemented again to keep them Tk 52 000 378. The refrigerator price was shown on Tk 94,250. And the price has risen to Tk. Wardrobes show the price of each purchase at Tk 59858. The price has increased to Tk 17499. Microevost costs Rs 38274 at each purchase. The price is 6840 So each sofa is bought on Tk 74 thousand 509, the price of the building has grown to 24 thousand 244. Thus, 14 thousand and 561 feet so each point in the center of the table took Tk 489. Each set of dining table with six chairs is bought 1.44 thousand 674 pacts. Acceptance of Tk 21 000 375 in the building.

Who are involved?: The official money register was named for the officials of the Department of Urban Development in Pána. Under the Ropopur NPP project, the Pali Green Building residential building is outside the main project area. For the employees of the plant are built 20 floors 11 and 16 floors of eight buildings. A 20-storey eight and 16-storey building is built. Completed purchase of furniture for 966 apartments completed nine buildings Of this purchase of furniture of 110 floors of 20 storey building and the total value of the building is Tk 2,56 crore 92,000 292 taka. The documents found in the project documents are worth the price increase. The project, however, claims to have been purchased under the rules.

There is no one to see Harilut runningFormer government official Hafiz Woddin Hahn said, "If such an incident is true, if it is true, then it is very dangerous, but there is no such thing but there is no transparency, it is clear that today there is nothing transparent in the country. If there is a rule of law in the country, the government should have good wishes in these cases, to ensure transparency, there are organizations to look at. Parliamentary committees need to be active. who has no opposition to parl In addition, we do not hear any of the parliamentary committees that we have, Parliament does not discuss any questions, it is not a question, rules, irregularities are not talked about, then it will be such a situation, the government must ensure accountability. to be made in such a sustainable development.

Khandaker Ibrahim Khaled, a former deputy governor of Bangladesh Bank, said: "If there is any truth about the incident, then we will have to take immediate action." And if such corruption is not taken, then the situation with corruption will increase with each passing day. It just does not hang the case, it needs to be resolved as soon as possible. He said that because of corruption and opacity there is no good government in the country. There is no law in the country. There is no progress in his duties.
Transparency International Executive Director Bangladesh (TIB) Iftekharuzzaman said if the issue is reliable, the incident is for sadness and concern. Because much of the government project is so concerned about such a big corruption in one part of the project. These meanings of government mean the importance of people in the sense of meaning. Such irregularities in fraud are enough to confuse the government. Now those who deal with them will face justice and will be punished. These non-transparent reasons are no control. These projects mean that some employees develop their own financial resources through fraud.

Weekly editor, Gomal Mortuse, told Facebook status, those who are surprised to see the price of buying pillows may not even imagine what's going on in Rooppur's nuclear power! This project takes more than one billion loans from Russia. How much money is spent on a loan, of course, the technological man is all foreigners. No borrowing conditions, completely unknown. The whole undefined aspect of safety also So terrible irregularities – corruption and dangerous project, we as country people are too stupid!

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