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Vehicle pressure was not reduced overnight at Paturia Ghat


Manganese: Although it was late in the evening, the pressure to transport 20 areas in the southwest region did not diminish at Paturia Ghat in Manikganj. Hours after hour, passengers and transport workers wander.

A long queue of vehicles was observed at Paturia Ghat on Saturday (August 8th) around 8:00 pm. Many of the travelers who went to Eid to celebrate Eid with their loved ones fell ill after waiting for hours.

The driver of Eagle Transport, Madaripur, told banglanews that after a traffic jam, I came to the Paturia Ghat area and sat for a ferry crossing for several hours. On the one hand, the pressure of the vehicles, on the other, the heat of the passengers is enormous.

Saeda Yasmin, a passenger in the same vehicle, told banglanews: "I have been sitting in Paturia Ghat for several hours to get back." With the amount of cars up front, I don't think I can return in an hour. Hot on one side, the horn of the car on the other, all together cause severe headaches.

Bangladesh Inland Shipping Corporation (BIWTC) AGM Zillur Rahman of Paturia Ghat told banglanews that the rest of Eid is just one day away. Finally, vehicle pressure in the Paturia Ghat did not decrease. More than three hundred passengers, small cars (private cars) and more than four hundred and a half loads are waiting to cross the truck.

Currently, about 29 ferries are being transported to Paturia-Daulatia by ferry, he said.

Bangladesh Time: 120 hours, 9 August, 20 August
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