Monday , May 29 2023

Virat Suteran, the four wickets of Bouvier, defeated India in the West Indies


This is a one-day series after Twenty20. Virat Cars are unbeaten against the West Indies. In the second ODI of the series in Port Spain, India won 5 runs in the DLS system. The first day's match failed in the rain. Virat Kohl went 3-5 in a three-match series.

Virat Kohl's bats returned to India that day. He played an unbeaten 125 runs. The 22nd cent of his career met on Monday. In addition to Cole, Shrias Ayer relies on the middle line to score 5 runs. In fact, India put 20 runs into the bat. He was sent to Rishab Pant at number four but failed to live up to expectations. Only a few tracks returned. Two opening Rohit and Dhawan also did not get big runs.

Western India was prompted to respond. Bhuvneshwar Kumar returns Chris Gayle quickly. The game was then halted for a while in the rain, after which the West Indies goal by the Duckert Lewis method dropped to 25 for 12 overs. The right-hand pacer took a total of four wickets. Kuldip Yadav and Mohammed Shami took two wicker. West Indies all came out for 24 out of 42 overs. Virat When he became the Man of the Match.

David Mianadh broke the record twenty-six years that day. In a one-day cricket against the West Indies, Mianad's 3 runs were the highest ever. To break that record, 3 runs were needed that day.

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