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Wahab Riaz in the World Cup after seeing a "dream"

(Priyakama) The World Cricket Cup is the most respected fight in the world. It is also not "My Son's Hand" to find a place in the World Cup team. The cricketer is included in the World Cup, given the ability, ability, experience, consistency, performance and much more. But Wahab Riaz, who has the opportunity to make the World Cup, has made him "Moya to his son." Pakistan's experienced interlocutor said he was summoned to the World Cup after seeing his dream.

Wahab Riaz's claim that this is not unreasonable. The left who played the last ODI in the Champions Cup two years ago, He was eliminated from the national team due to injury and formality. Not only that; The experienced pager can not spread the light in home cricket in the same way. Still, he was included in the upcoming ODI World Cup.

Wahab Riaz said after being summoned to the World Cup team, he hoped to look again. Besides, he recently met a dream. The 33-year-old singer, who has been successful in the World Cup, also believes in this.

Speaking to reporters in Lahore on Tuesday, Wahab Riaz said: "A few days ago I saw him in a dream. Where did Pakistan's top coach Innammam Hack call me? Give me a chance at the World Cup and say, this is your last chance. This dream is great because it is true. I remember my father. It is not today. He has always wanted to represent most of the world championship in Pakistan. "

Wahab Riaz expects the greatest responsibility for Pakistan's attack in this World Cup. Bowling, who was elected to the World Cup World Cup team, said he would have to deal with a big job in the World Cup. Because my experience is a great reason to get a chance in the team. Maybe England does not play ODI anymore. But the attempt to play in the test match will be useful. I have an idea about the environment and the terrain.

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