Friday , July 30 2021

Warrant of the High Court requesting changes to the name of the BNP party symbol

& # 39; Rice rice does not require rice & # 39;

A written petition was filed in the High Court requesting an amendment on behalf of the BNP party & # 39; s Shees & # 39; According to the petition, the symbol used by the BNP as a party is actually not rice, rice, rice, but not rice. Because rice grains are not blown up. When blooming, the name is & # 39; rice straw & # 39; Justice Moinul Islam Chowdhury and Judge Md. The trial for this petition will be held this week in the Bench Division High Court consisting of Ashraful Kamal. The Election Commission, the head of the BNP and the secretary general were made defendants.

Ashik Billah, a resident of Narail, submitted a warrant at the High Court. Lawyers for Advocate Harun and Rashid's attorneys told Ittefaq that the BNP party symbol was incompatible with it. The symbol in this film is actually & # 39; Rhyme Rhyme & # 39; There is no room for writing 'rice ears'. He said, the BNP had been in power several times before. But that is not true. So it has been submitted. However, if the party wants to change the name of the symbol on its own initiative.

Ittefaq / Arquezi

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