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Will Bangladesh be the champion this time? || Game || John's voice


  • Qualifying for the T20 Women's World Cup

Sports reporter. The Bangladesh women's cricket team was the unbeaten champion in the latest qualification for the T20 World Cup. Now what is possible to do? Bangladesh played many T20 matches before the last round. Whose positive effects were also selected through selection. The national team has never played a single T20 match before this year. And so this question arises.

The last day of this month will begin with the match against Papua New Guinea on August 1 and the mission to advance to the T20 World Cup in Bangladesh. The United States will be the opponent of Bangladesh on September 7. And the last Bangladesh Cup match will be played with Scotland on September 7th.

The choice will be in Scotland. The selection process will take place between 7 August and 7 September. However, the T20 World Cup will be held in Australia from 25 February to 7 March next year. To play in this Bangladesh World Cup team, he will have to play in the qualifying final. Bangladesh is the strongest of the countries. The team that reached the finals. But won't the team stumble into the finals because of the tendency to play T20 all year? There are odds for T20. However, a preparatory match will be held on 25 August, and before that on 7 August, the women's cricket players will try to find themselves in a 5-day training camp.

This time the selection will be played in two groups. Bangladesh has Group A. The group, which includes Papua New Guinea, Scotland and the United States. In Group B, Ireland will play Namibia, the Netherlands and Thailand instead of Zimbabwe. The semi-finals will be at the end of the group stage, and the final will be on September 7. A total of four teams will be taken from the two groups to the first two teams. Later, the first two teams of the last four will go to the finals. The finalists will receive two teams tickets for the T20 World Cup. There will be two semi-final matches on September 7th. The qualifying round will end by the finals on September 5.

It would be easy for Bangladesh to lose three opponents in the selection phase. Bangladesh has already lost Papua New Guinea. Lost in the group championship last season. Bangladesh also lost to Scotland in the semifinals last season. Bangladesh also lost to Scotland in the Twenty20 qualifier. This time the US is another opponent in Bangladesh. For the first time the team plays in a large room. If nothing dramatic happens, it can be said for sure that Bangladesh will be at the top of the group stage.

Ireland, on the other hand, may be the best of the other group, with Namibia or the Netherlands second. This means that Bangladesh will receive one of these two teams in the semi-finals. Bangladesh did not turn to the Netherlands last season. And Namibia had no chance of playing T20. This means that the road to the finish is clear in Bangladesh. But Salma Khatoun's team can be knocked out in the final. Ireland could be an opponent this time. Bangladesh could not be champion for the Irish in the 26th round. He took his revenge on the selection of the Twenty20 team, Bangladesh champion. Salmabandi played 12 T20 games a year before playing the qualifying season. But this time the match with T20 is not played. Bangladesh played the last match of the World Cup of the Twenties in November last year, almost nine months after that; No T20 matches were played.

Recently, the Bangladesh women's team played a series against the South African women's team. Bangladesh are showing exceptional craft in the unofficial ARI of the series. The three-match series won 2-0. In one of these matches Bangladesh won the goal of 25 runs. But the T20 series is fascinating. The loss of two of the three matches is a series loss. Is the match a match In the national team played Sharmin Akhter, Nigar Sultana, Fahima Hatun, Ritu Mani, Khadija Tul Kubra, Nahida Akhter. One-day wins against South African teams and T20 equality are the motivation.

Comprehensive Rumana Ahmed, who showed great talent at T20 last year, will not play in the T20 selection. He got a knee injury. His choice for injury is not playing. Salma Khatong's team won the Asian Cup last year. Roman became the best player in the Asian Cup final. Rumana defeated India by displaying a universal craft of bat and ball. This time he is not in the World Cup T20 qualification. The team is naturally weakened. However, Rumana thinks he will not be affected if he does not. Bangladesh will be the champion this time too. Prior to qualifying for the T20 World Cup, the Bangladesh women's national cricket team had not played a single T20 match. What is the effect? And so the question arises as to whether the Bangladesh team will become a champion this time since the T20 has not been in practice for years?

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