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Without knowing why, Aparna moved from the film festival after Prasenjit


Rajasthan Jayanti is a big debate at Kolkata Film Festival. Prasenjit Chattopadhyay slipped out of the festival committee. Meanwhile, actress and director Aparna Sen has also stepped down from the advisory committee.

Prasanjit Chathopadhey chaired the festival last year. But this time, responsibility was given to Raj Chakraborty. Prasanjit is reported to have sought help from the festival committee and the advisory committee. The question of whether Prasanjit had retired as chairman of Raj Chakraborty began to arise in Andar. Prasenjit, however, rejected the idea that he was busy because of employment. He is about to leave the country. As the film festival is now twenty-five years old, he feels he needs more time. But this year it won't be possible for him to go far, Prasanjit said. Claiming that the Kalka Film Festival is something of a heart, the star actor said he would be connected to the film festival again in the future if there is time.

While talking about Prasenjit's workload, Aparna Sen, however, angered him by keeping him on the advisory committee. The old actress and director complained that she was detained on the committee without being informed. Aparna added: "I learned from the media that I was placed on the committee. What is the tenderness to print his name without asking anyone? And if I am on the Advisory Committee, or I will be chairman, then I have to appoint someone who is more experienced and qualified than I am. But that was not so. Aparna Sen also said he would be busy with the new movie.

However, director Raj Chakraborty gave the message to remove all controversy. "The government has given me responsibility. I cannot say why Prasanjit Chathopadhei or Aparna Sen moved away. Twenty-five years from the film festival, so everyone is in dire need. Don't let the film festival make anyone angry with me or in a chair. I will go to everyone if needed. "

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