Sunday , July 25 2021

Wrong sign of fear of losing assets, Ershad GD –

On Wednesday evening an Ershad representative said GD (number 1502) at the Banani police station confirmed that a police officer had said.

An official who did not want to name the person told "The DG mentioned that many of them received signatures from his (Ershad)."

– So this GD is done as protection.

Ershad mentioned in GD that in his current and absence, a copy of the signature, the necessary documents of the party, gardening of different names, bank accounts and family wealth, shops, business relations and relatives of relatives are in danger.

The DG stated that adequate security was needed to prevent that person from taking advantage of his illness.

Banana Police Station SJ Mohammed Mukul Hossein said Inspector Sayhan Wahili was asked to take action.

A former 90-year-old former military ruler, Ershad, has recently built up trust and donated all his resources there.

Although Ershad is a member of five-member trust, wife Rausan Ershad and GM Quader's brother did not.

The other members of the council are the son of Ershard Eric Ershad, personal secretary, retired Major Khald Akter, cousin Mukul and his personal servant Mohammad Jahangir.

Ershad, who was physically ill for several days, did not continue his campaign for a day on the eleventh parliamentary elections on December 30. She went to Singapore for treatment before the election. After returning from there, Ershad did not go to Rangpur to vote on the election day.

Ershad was sworn in as a lawmaker on January 6, but he went to Parliament to ride a wheelchair.

Then, on January 20, Ershad again went to Singapore. Yati's party was informed that he was suffering from hemoglobin and liver problems in the blood.

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