Monday , July 26 2021

Yatiy Sangsad's Choices: Women want to make history in Takgargaon

The Awami League's nominations are among the names of more than 300 female candidates at the Eleventh Parliamentary Election. Although the process of nominating the party is in the final stage, many people still do not expect the party's candidacy. Some have already decided to make the party nomination and have retreated to the field. In this case, fresh enthusiasm is observed.

No woman has ever opposed directly to the Tamargaon national elections. But now women's leaders want to break the story.

In Thakurgaon, reserve deputies, former female vice-presidents and women leaders have collected nominations from the prospect of direct elections and have filed about half a dozen

Among them, four former Wazazilla Deputy Chairs of Tacquaguan want to be elected MPs in the three constituencies of the area by choosing the boat symbol.

Those who once were Deputy Chairs of the Four Ucazilla of Takgaruwon are: Tachmina Actur Mola from Takgaruwon Sadar, Suraj Jasmine Beauty of Bali Daddy Vazazilla, Sabina Yammin Ripa from Haripur, Celina Jahan Lita from Ranisancail. Due to the political depth of his family, Thakurgaon assumes the responsibility of MP Selina Jahan Lita in the Panchagarh Reserve. She is the daughter of former MP Ali Akbar.

Among them are Tahmina Act Molla in the Takhaguaon-1 constituency, Surajah Jasmin The beauty of Ballidangi in the Takhaguaon-2 constituency, Sabina Yasmin Ripa of Haripur, and Selina Jahan Lita, a member of the Takagar- gong-3 constituency. At the same time, they were Deputy Chairman of Uzadila Parish Chairwoman of four Usasilalas of Takgargaon at the same time.

Among them, Tachima Actur Mola was elected by the Mayor of Takuharwaon ​​Municipality. Mirza Farruhl's brother Mirko Alamiger beat Mirza Faisal Amin in the mayor's election. He now wants to choose the symbol of the boat in the Thakurgaon-1 constituency.

Surah Jasmine The beauty was the former Deputy Speaker of Balaiadan. He is currently a member of the Thakurgaon District Council. Now he wants to choose a boat from the Thakurgaon-2 seat. On the other hand, Sabina Yasmin Ripa, former deputy chairman of Haripur Usazila, is trying to get a boat ticket on the same seat. He is also a member of the Thakurgaon District Council.

Former Deputy MP Ali Akbar, current MP Selina Jahan Lita, was taken to a lawmaker from the Takgargaon-3 constituency. He was also the female deputy chairman twice in Ranisanuel Vazilla.

In general, four female vice-presidents of the same period want to be boatboat deputies.

However, although they are members of the governmental party, they admit that the way to make women's policy is not yet smooth in society. They have to face many inconsistencies and obstacles in society. They said it was not just outside but also in the family. Yet the general idea of ​​society – women will stay in the house, why are they in politics?

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