Saturday , July 24 2021

10:22 – Felice Mazzù released his biography, for football lovers and others

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on BRUSSELS (Belgium)

With his biography, "Papa, I promised you that one day …", which was presented Monday at Charleroi, Felice Mazzù did not want to talk only to football fans in a 140-page book written by sports journalist Jean Derycke. By talking about his career and personality, the current Charleroi coach wants to reach a wider audience, sensitive to the trajectory of the sons of Italian immigrants who lived their youth in Charleroi. In this book, coach Carolo evokes sad moments like the difficulties faced by his parents when they arrived in Belgium. There are also lighter moments such as swooping rivals in love. He claimed in a more intimate way when he approached his fear of aging. "I am afraid of him from the first physical point of view," he said. "But what I'm most afraid of is that I don't have time to do the things I want, it is a thought that flows through my mind every day." For football lovers, there is no need to worry. In "Papa, I promise that one day …", Felice Mazzù raises various parts of clubs like Tubize or White Star Woluwé before his arrival at Sporting Charleroi five years ago. He also gave reasons for his canceled transfer to Standard Liege. As the title suggests, Felice Mazzù wants to pay homage to his parents in his book. Referring to his career, Sporting Charleroi's coach not only wanted to talk about him, but to deliver a message. "I want to show that nothing is impossible, I am laughed at and right when I say that I want to be a pro player." Everyone laughs at me again when I announce that I want to be a professional coach Today I will not boast to succeed, I don't really like this word I can only say that I have passed the stage and I don't think there is no more than I get revenge , but the critics gave me the strength to move forward. "His love for his family is everywhere. In his book presentation, Felice Mazzù did not forget to remember his childhood in Charleroi and the sacrifice of his parents, arriving from Italy in the 60s." Without knowing France, my father found a job, he paid his house and can send his three children to university, he bought his first car at the age of 52. You can measure all the efforts he and he made for us. "Coach Carolo has been open-minded. Even her family will learn more about her from reading this biography with photos. (Belga)

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