Friday , July 30 2021

a coordination unit has been established

Following the confirmation of several indigenous Dengue type 2 dengue cases, unrelated and scattered across several municipalities, a dengue fever epidemic was declared on 11 April on the island of Tahiti. Because type 2 dengue has not been circulating in the country since 2000, the population is poorly immunized and the epidemic can be very large. Also, in order to limit the intensification of this epidemic and to prevent the spread of intact islands, a coordination unit has been established. This Unit will coordinate all actions that need to be implemented in the following five areas: monitoring and warning, vector management, health care provision, prevention and communication.

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With regard to monitoring and alert, in addition to monitoring by the Doctors' Network and the network of laboratories, special attention will be paid to cases outside Tahiti. Observations of hospitalized and severe cases will continue to detect early unusual symptoms, assess the severity of the epidemic and correct medical care and care.

Concerning vector control, the involvement of municipalities is necessary in the search for and removal of breeding sites around the home of the identified cases. The mayors of the respective municipalities are asked to implement their municipal conservation plan.

With regard to prevention, it is necessary to involve transport and tourism-related services in order to protect the islands not affected by the epidemic in order to inform the passengers of the intact islands of the appropriate mode of action. The aim is to protect these islands from the spread of the epidemic, requiring patients to consult immediately, protect themselves against mosquito bites and avoid shifts. Society is encouraged to consult a physician at the first signs that can offer dengue fever and eliminate breeding sites.

Council of Ministers

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