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A possible Irish request for Dutch listening to Google audio – ICT

Google reported a data leak from the Irish Data Protection Commission after the Flemish channel VRT reported that Google employees were listening to conversations from Flemish and Dutch users.

If it turns out that Google has violated the law, it may be fined.

This is reported by agency Bloomberg. Last week, VRT reported that Google employees and company employees that Google uses can hear calls through Google Home or Google Assistant on Android smartphones. In some cases these are instructions given by consumers, but in other cases, interviews are also recorded spontaneously.

"Review & Overwrite"

In a statement posted on his blog, Google responded to the incident. The company recognizes that language experts review and transcribe a small set of instructions to have a better understanding of the language. Google talks about a critical part of the voice development process that is needed to design products such as Google Assistant.

Google claims that one of these "reviewers" violated the rules. "We have just found that one of these language experts has not complied with our data protection policy by disclosing confidential audio data in Dutch," Google said in a statement.

"Our Security and Privacy Response Team is working on this issue, conducting an investigation and then acting accordingly, and we are also in the process of fully reviewing our safeguards in this area to avoid future misuse. "

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