Wednesday , June 16 2021

Andwells: The house of the NaveS family can collapse


The family and the municipal administration are in administrative stalemate.

Some time ago, we told you about the accidents in the Andelus district, which could collapse. The situation is deteriorating from day to day and even hour to hour for some residents.

Francis and Eugene Nave are literally transported to the edge of the abyss. The couple in the seventies can not resist this situation since 2008.

Although they may lose their 44-year-old home, they feel completely abandoned by local authorities. In addition to the financial side represented by the loss of work for life, they deeply regret not being heard by a burgomaster who seems impossible for their suffering.

On their side, Fabrice Dermine, former head of the left, brings comfort and support.

Over the years, many letters, Francis and Evgeny Navez, have been completely lost in the middle of the administrative impression, very little understood by the uninitiated.

"We do not understand anything, and every time we want an answer, what we are told is: it is not our fault We are not looking for a culprit but we are waiting for help, a human gesture It's hard to understand that a document that allows us to receive compensation from the inter-municipal IDEA, is not taken into account.All authorities agree that our house is a real danger, but the solutions are disproportionate, they offered to move, but after arriving at the offices in Binche to learn the conditions of this move, we learn that there is no kitchen and we have to pay another € 580 We disagree, explains Navez.

For his part, Mayor Philippe Tisson acknowledges the seriousness of the situation, but clearly recognizes that he is in a state of impasse: "We are not responsible, we have an obligation to carry out hate support at the end of the field, but we can not interfere on the ground." Andelloues municipality has funds in the inter-municipal IDEA, and I do not know how to justify these costs for the use of public funds. My Chief Financial Officer and the Walloon Region do not agree with such use I advised Mr. Navez to take a lawyer and instruct the municipality, landowner and IDEA to urgently need help and this is part of the risk of having a river in the back of garden … sorry for this situation, but I'm in a dead end. "


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