Sunday , June 20 2021

Ann Gruev arrived at Magritte


Judge Ann Glouves arrived this Saturday at the square in Brussels, where the ninth Maggrit ceremony takes place. No violation of Luc Hennart, President of the Court of First Instance in Brussels.

A reminder that the latter forbade the investigator to surrender to Magritte or Caesar. What 14 judges from Brussels were investigating
in an open letter posted on our site.
"What Causes Us", they write,
"This is the very heavy tone of your public intervention, your unilateral decision appears to be a form of censorship that is contrary to respect for our colleague's privacy." Among other things.

Anne Gruwez went to Magritte because he was the protagonist of the film "Ni juge ni soum" by Jean Liubun and Yves Hinant nominated in the category "Best Documentary".

If he decides to go there despite Luc Hennartt's ban, she is unlikely to come on stage in the event of a victory.

The dispute is in any case far from being closed after the President of the Court of First Instance in Brussels announced "If he goes there, we'll do the observation and see what I'm going to do. Case Study …


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