Friday , December 3 2021

Anunna De Waver threatened to die in Pukkelpop after climate action


The young activist appeared surprisingly Thursday evening in Puckelpop and intends to engage the attending community in the Clout for Climate action to demand more attention for the benefit of the climate.

A demonstration that did not seem to taste the taste of some festivals, which annoyed the activist and her friends at the campsite where their tent and others were destroyed, forcing the guards to intervene.

Journalist Knack's daughter accompanied Anun De Waver. "I just had my daughter on the phone. The young men threatened them with death, bombarded with bottles filled with urine, and destroyed their tent. They now enjoy the security of the security service, "the journalist told Twitter.

An internal investigation is currently underway by the organizers of the festival. "If further steps are to be taken, we will do so. We believe that such actions have no place at the festival, "the spokesman replied. "The security of the group of friends will be enhanced and the security service will be especially vigilant. "

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