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Apple should not offer its own 5G chips before 2025

According to reports, Cupertino is preparing its own 5G chips, but the delay of the company at this level may lead to dependence on other manufacturers for the next 5 years.

If Apple and Qualcomm finally reach agreement on the design of 5G chips by the US manufacturer for the iPhone, Apple will still strive to develop its own 5G.Ce tools that adhere to Apple's desire to stick to the best- less external producers.

This deal, however, can show a pretty puzzling thing about Apple: the delay in the development of 5G equipment. In fact, from the US-based Android Information website, the Amricain gauntlet can put another 5 years before it has a 5Gprte chip.

Of course, the agreement between Qualcomm and Cupertino's company must avoid the latter from overstepping the passage of the new generation of telecoms. However, the delay is still a bad omen for gantAmricain, especially since many media seem to be preserved on that iPhone 5Gne will be present by 2020.

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