Thursday , May 13 2021

Bell bleaching: new treatment should not be tested

Love and sex

We knew the bleaching of the anus, that is the bleaching of the vulva.

Society seems to impose more to dictate the appearance of women and "politically correct". While many of them ignore this social pressure, armpits or legs appear, others push the boundaries by choosing to bleed the genitals.

It is not unusual for the vulva, which includes small and large lips, the entrance of the vagina and clitoris is darker than the rest of the body. No, that's not unusual. Still, bleaching this intimate part seems more and more success, according to Rafinery29.

There were already glittering creams. Huda Katten, who created Huda Beauty, her own brand of cosmetics, also promotes and demonstrates it. Fraud now goes beyond any understanding, as there are laser procedures nowadays that make the vulva clear. Many UK clinics offer "intimate part-time" for 500 pounds for a 10-minute session with a promise of rapid recovery without scars.

Experts warn

Dr. Vanessa McKay, a gynecologist and spokesman for the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology in England, strongly discourages women from doing such treatment. "This can damage the delicate skin of the vulva and break the delicate balance of good bacteria in the vagina. This natural flora helps protect the vagina and is disturbed that it can cause irritation, inflammation and infections such as bacterial vaginosis or fungal infections"she says.

Although this technique has recently appeared in Europe, especially in England, it is more common in the Middle East and the Far East, as Dr Anne Henderson says. In January, the Thai Ministry of Health issued a warning against such treatment.

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