Sunday , December 6 2020

Charlotte Forres is the winner of Season 8 of The Voice Belgium (video)

The 18-year-old singer succeeds Valentin Brogion, winner of the 7th season.

Inalistes from season 8 of The Voice Belgium on the front page, Nicholas Brynin, Charlotte Foret, Matte Terzi and Guillaume Vermeire gave everything on Tuesday night to convince the public and succeed Valentine Brogion, the winner of Season 7.

► The Voice Belgium: Charlotte captures the audience with "Calling You"

At the age of 18, Charlotte Forre is the winner of Season 8 of The Voice, followed by Mattéo. Signed on The Voice on a whim, the young singer beat her hearts tonight thanks to the cover of New Born Muse, which fascinated the Blinds jury. "Charlotte has done a perfect career and is an outstanding singer," says her coach, Puggy Matthew Irons singer. This victory allows the artist from Braine-le Chateau to win a contract with the Universal Music label and SEAT Arona Move.

Originally from Milan and father, Matteo Terzi won second place. To hope for the title of The Voice Belgium, Matteo had chosen to resume a song that marked his career: Young and Against De Sayez. A song he played on his first Live, coached by his coach Typh Barrow.

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