Sunday , June 20 2021

Day 2: Spraying began at Machina

The splash began this Tuesday, February 12, at 6:30, in Mahina, near Pugibet. Several houses are and will be treated. Hygiene workers were tough when the rain stopped sprayingThe three agents will return to the same neighborhood on Friday, February 15th.

That's what residents think:

"I have a child, it scares me a little …"

Information work was carried out by the City HallLeaflets are distributed that alert the inhabitants of the mosquito control campaign.

The clarifications of Jean-Marc Maono, director of the cabinet at the ceiling:

"We have no alternative but to escape. "

The spray will continue this Friday morning. The residents of the neighborhood are required leave the windows of their house open, protect the food and destroy the breeding grounds,

Polynesia has had no Type 2 epidemic for 20 years, so the population is very poorly immunized.

© Polynesia 1st / Abner Thema

© Polynesia 1st / Abner Thema

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