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Dress Up the End of Chocolate Jacques Eupen: "Anger Relented to Sadness"

The page turns to Eupen. Jacques chocolate is over! The company closes its historic chocolate factory to redirect its operations to its production base in Bruges. 60 jobs will disappear in Eupen. Obviously, there are many emotions for this last day.

This will be a farewell picture: the majority of workers at the Jacques company in Eupen share a joint venture. It is certain that 20 or even 25 years in the same factory, it approaches. "We thought we would try to see each other again, it was difficult, but we thought we had to do it, we keep on seeing each other"explains Fabian Lambi, a CSC delegate. She believes in that "anger yields to sadness": "Obviously there is anger in the depths of us, but today it is more than sadness."

It was the inventor of the chocolate bar

There is no more noise inside this age-old institution. The machines are stationary and are ready to be dismantled partly for the new production site in Bruges. But Jacques is a pioneer of Belgian chocolate. He was even the inventor of the famous chocolate bar, patented in 1936. But in place, 67 jobs will disappear.

"Suddenly we lose production, then we learn that it's in Bruges"

"This may work well, but the problem is that we had a lot of tonnage and then less and less because they went to Bruges. she is in Bruges ", condemns FGTB Deputy Manuela Negrin.

Many have found work in the region

Competition between sites identifies Eupen as the least profitable of the group. A re-training unit is being set up, but fortunately, many workers and employees have already found work in the region.

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