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"Extraordinary friend", a new sign to seek authenticity in the series

American cable channel HBO broadcasts the first Sunday episode of the "Extraordinary Friends" series, adapted from a literary story of the same name, which plays authenticity by shooting in Italian, a new trend favored by globalization to hear.

It is a statement saying that the TV version of this phenomenon is expected by fans of Italian writer Elena Ferrante – a pseudonym – whose universe has attracted more than 10 million readers since the launch of the first volume, in 2011.

After HBO, this eight-episode series, whose rights have been sold to 56 countries, will be broadcast in Italy on Rai from November 27 and on Canal + in December.

Even in North America, where books translated into English almost reach 1% of the market, "Neapolitan Novels", a generic title given to quadrilogy, have sold 2.6 million copies, according to the home of the Europa Edition .

From there to see the American channel producing, working with Rai, the series in Italy, shot in Italy by an Aboriginal director, there are steps that HBO decided to take.

Cable channels even ensure that the dialogue will be in the Neapolitan, and not in Italy, forcing Rai to broadcast the series with subtitles.

"This really surprised me," director Saverio Costanzo told the Hollywood Reporter.

This search for coherence is new in American production. He began in theaters, especially with the film "Inglourious Basterds" by Quentin Tarantino (2009), but the serial world has quickly followed it.

"The Americans" (2013-2018), with a long barrage in Russian, is one of the most striking recent examples.

Public appetite, now global, for early and non-English series such as "Borgen" (2010-2013), contributed to this shift.

The American series "Narcos", which was filmed in Spanish and broadcast for the first time by Netflix in 2015, "paved the way for others, showing that authenticity is important for the success of the series," Lorenzo explained. Mieli, producer of the adaptation "L & # 39; Amica geniale", during a roundtable on the international market of MipCom.

"You can't imagine American actresses describing Italian girls in poor neighborhoods in their 50s," he added.

– "Dramaturgi Truth" –

The question of authenticity has been removed, still important, very important from the series and its loyalty to the book.

"From the first books of Elena Ferrante, I felt that we shared the same ideas as well as the same determination to seek the truth of the drama," said Saverio Costanzo, director and writer, during the series presentation at the Venice Film Festival.

"Vigilante", according to another co-author, Francesco Piccolo, the writer, whose true identity is still kept secret, finally relaxes during an exchange with the director.

"He gave advice, but I believe, never defended the books, but with a big idea about the transposition of the film and with full confidence in Saverio," he explained.

The result is faithful to the novel, which describes the intricate relationship between two little girls, women later, between friendship, admiration, competition and jealousy.

The series offers semi-documentary dives in Naples in the 50s, where two little girls in the final year of elementary school, Lila (Ludovica Nasti) and Elena (Elisa del Genio), who have similarities in their extraordinary intelligence, are getting closer to trying escaping from ultra-violence from their deprived environment where they retain the law of retaliation.

Shot in the industrial desert around Naples, this series illustrates the choking district, with its shabby courtyard for playgrounds and schools as the only escape route.

If the social fresco about the condition of women contemplates the description of daily life in the environment, the tension between the figures is permanently felt.

"This is a really different series from what we usually see on Italian TV," Lorenzo Mieli told Mipcom.

"We don't see people jumping everywhere in all scenes, we focus more on the complexity of the perspective of female characters," he detailed. "I think that can open the way for a new way of telling stories."

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