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For Celine Fremmo, the last statement of N-VA is the straw that breaks the camel's back

Belgian politics

The desire of the N-VA to settle the issue of air routes at national airports through a text in parliament from the start of the next term and its threat to Brussels funding is a further provocation to show that it is impossible to work with it, the Environment Minister in Brussels, Celine Freeman (cdh). N-VA intends to settle the issue of air routes from Brussels Airport airport as soon as the next federal government is formed by a text submitted to parliament, said Flemish Minister of Mobility Ben Weis on Wednesday. questions asked by the Actie Noordrand Association, gathering residents of the northern periphery of Zaventem National Airport.

It has examined the various countries to see if they support the implementation of the May 30th ruling, which requires the federal state to adapt the Wattlet flight plan to a 90-week period.

In his answer, Ben Waits believes that the future flyover plan should be based on a fair distribution of airport benefits and disadvantages and hence "no preferred areas for air exclusion in the Brussels region".

Without changing the noise standards in Brussels "unfair and frankly selfish", the funding of the Brussels region will have to return to the negotiating table, he warned.

"We are no longer a provocation near the N-VA, which proves, with its anti-democratic threats and remarks that it is a party that is impossible to work on," Brussels Environment Minister Céline Fremault, Head of the cdH list in Brussels.

She said she was "outraged" by the threats made by the N-VA against the Brussels region, Céline Fremault said that during the last five years neither Federal Minister for Mobility Francois Bello (MR) nor any minister of the N-VA , were at the initiative of each consultation session to find a structural solution for Brussels overtaking.

"Several days before the election, the words of the N-VA are again provocative, firstly, because they ignore all jurisdictions that have upheld the Brussels Decree on noise from Brussels, an aspect that has been overlooked by the N-VA over the last five years," Ms Fremault.

For the minister in Brussels, the intense reform suffered by many Brussels residents is sanitary and security nonsense, confirmed by several studies.

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