Monday , June 21 2021

For Neville and Ogier, who hold a little under their feet, "everything remains to be done"

Thierry Newville (Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC) still struggles to win Monte Carlo and accuses this Saturday afternoon after 5.3 seconds Sébastien Ogier (Citroën C3 WRC), which takes advantage of the two specials in the morning program biting 3.3 seconds over his Belgian rival.

"Good morning for us in extremely difficult conditions, has been developed Thierry Newville the microphone of Olivier Gaspar, Monte Carlo's RTBF Special Correspondent. We succeeded, but obviously we were too cautious in one area. We had a small lead in the beginning of the stage and then we started wasting time. But we're still in contact, nothing serious. We can take three-tenth of the last, that's good! I think with two super soft instead of soft in this last specialty, maybe I was a bit more comfortable and a little faster. For the time being, we do not take too many risks, we make a good move and feel confident. There are no big fears, everything goes perfectly so far. We will try to continue this way.

"From the beginning, I think the maximum difference between us is fourteen seconds, it's very rare for Monte Carlo, for its part analyzes Sébastien Ogier. We see the division (Intermediate Times, Ed) plays a lot of yoyo, but eventually the times are very narrow. Everything remains to be done. This afternoon, the choice of tires can be complicated. We always hold on to Monte Carl's feet, but we do more, and this is a quick fix. I try to drive as fast as possible while I'm in a comfortable area, and so far everything is going well. "

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