Sunday , June 13 2021

French researchers develop the first nanomedicine for pain

This new approach to pain avoids the risks of opiates. It has already produced impressive results in animals.

Will nanomedicine take off morphine? "Without going to a morphine that will always keep a testimony, it's always an original and promising way," he explains. FigaroPatrick Couver, professor of pharmacy at the University of Paris-Sacla, a member of the Academy of Sciences, the Medical Academy, the Pharmaceutical Academy and are already scientific awards.

Nanomedicine, seventy times less than the red blood cell that he has just developed with his team at the University of Paris-Saclé, opens up a really new way. The results obtained in animals were published on February 13 in the international journal Science Advances. The fact that the United States faces an unprecedented "opioid crisis" is probably not unknown to the interest.

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Since morphine, an opioid analgesic central action, …

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