Sunday , June 13 2021

Health: Withdrawal of the anti-tire pneumomaral market –

The Drugs Agency has suspended the sale of Pneumorel syrups and tablets used to treat cough. This decision was made because of a risk of heart disease.

All Pneumorel batches in reclaimed pharmacies

Pneumological syrups and tablets to treat a specific cough have just been completely withdrawn from the French market and should no longer be used, they said.Drugs AgencyThis measurement comes after identifying the potential effect of the active ingredient, phenpyrid, on the onset of heart rhythm disturbances.

360,000 bottles and 130,000 boxes of tablets sold in 2018

Approximately 360,000 vials and 130,000 boxes of tablets were placed on the market in 2018. People who have such pharmaceutical products are called to return them to the pharmacy. For more information about return and refund procedures, create a free number (0800.00.39.36) from Servier's laboratories.

There are no deaths associated with the use of Pneumorel

Mostly,ANSM also pointed toAFP that patients who had previously used these products did not risk anything after stopping treatment. No case of death was such a case "officially associated with the use of this productIn addition to existing cardiac risk, they pharmaceutical products it would not have beenis not essential"added the agency to challenge its decision.

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