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hot tub 1 hour before bed would sleep better

Drag into a hot tub to win Morpheus' hands: this is the solution proposed by researchers from the University of Texas. in Reviews about sleep medicine, they show that a bath at bedtime allows you to sleep better.

A great study of the data

The research team analyzed 5000 studies through a system called "systematic review of protocols". "The only way to find out if sleep can be improved is to combine all the data collected in the past and look at them through a new lens," said Shahab Hagayeh, lead author of this study. Scientists have included different criteria such as perceived sleep quality, sleep, or total night time.

The ideal bath temperature to allow good sleep will be between 40 and 43 ° C and should be taken between 1 and 2 hours before bedtime. If these two criteria are met, the researchers estimate that one can fall asleep about 10 minutes earlier than usual.

The temperature of the body and the sleep are connected

The study does not address the relationship between the cause and the impact between the hot bath and the sleep, as they have already been the subject of much work. Body temperature and sleep are strongly related. For example, body temperature in the late afternoon or early evening would be a bit higher compared to sleeping times. Conversely, in the morning, the body gets warm, sending the brain to wake up. With baths or showers, it would be possible to "deceive" the brain. The solution is certainly not the most environmentally friendly but its effectiveness is proven!

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