Saturday , July 31 2021

In a structural decline, trade shouted for help

VYour merchant pulled his head? Dominique Michel too. The Comeos boss, the organized trade federation, draws the state of the sector at the end of the year with a turbulent curve in autumn, where Night can get acquainted with the prime minister. "In 2014, we made projections for 2018 with the most pessimistic scenarios. The results we see today are unfortunately worse than expected. In such a way that we no longer talk about decline but structural decline." Last July, real retail sales (adjusted for inflation) were lower than in 2008. Net margins were halved between 2008 (3.02%) and 2016 (1.26%) and the situation deteriorated with price changes in the store (+ 1, 67% in September) was still below inflation (+ 2.34%).

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