Friday , July 30 2021

In front of these Borinage schools, children "express" parental violations (video)

This week, Boraine Police, in partnership with 5 elementary schools located in its territory, increased awareness of dangerous behavior around the school. Parents, when they drop their children, tend to forget that they are not alone on the road, and that it is in a hurry or not, the rules of the road still apply. This is especially true in the Hornu Center School. "There are many violations, including parking on the sidewalk, parking within 5 meters of the crossing, or even on pedestrian crossings, wearing seat belts, that's especially this violation"explained Guido Di Davide, Environmental Inspector.

Every week this morning, any bad behavior will be observed and calculated by some students supervised by the environmental police.

Violation behavior is manifested by colored balls placed in the net. Statements are made every day, the goal is to calculate the smallest.

"We have 16 Monday, 14 yesterday, today is 16 … it's already 46, so this is very much for three days until Friday, so I can't imagine if we get 60 …"
explain Iléana.

Mia explained that she saw many violations this morning. "We see people parking near crossings, in the wrong direction, if they have their seat belts, or if they have their cellphones while they are driving.".

How is the driver's reaction? "There are some who say they will swap places, and some who say it's good that we see it."

Schools that have collected the fewest balls will be able to accommodate for one day on the road traffic from the boraine police. Schools that will count the most balls will be the subject of special attention from the police who will verbalize motorists who violate.

Do parents understand? The Warden's response:

Why did this operation during this school year? Jean Marc Delrot, Boraine police chief, explained:

"Usually, it's at the beginning of the school year. We want to change a little and innovate. And traditionally, after the July-August holiday, at the beginning of the school year, we are full of good resolutions, and we are waiting for the police around the school today with campaigns this, we say, we will change a little, we will come after the Toussaint holiday, also combine the fact that we changed the clock, and so we are in a dark condition a little more present at the beginning of September.

Nathalie Rorive, director of the central school, was very aware of this parking problem. This proposes a solution path:

"There are still Hornu places that are not far away, and from time to time, walk 50 or 100 metersThat's good, however, and it would be ideal for some people to do it, because we still have some parents, fortunately, but less and less, who come closer to school. We ask and we encourage parents to park a little further and walk back with their children. "

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