Monday , August 2 2021

Jean-Louis Murat beat Johnny Halliday: "On the day of his death, it was a relief, as June 6, 1944 for music"


After criticizing and insulting Renault and Polloref in 2016, the French singer imposed this time on idols to young people.

If there is an artist who has no tongue in his pocket, this is Jean-Louis Murat! The one who made his name in 1991 thanks to his duet with Mylène Farmer on the title sorry, really dropped in the week The Inrockuptibles,

When we tell him about Johnny Haliday's death in 2017, Jean-Louis Murat does not think the words and is happy he does not have the same reputation. "I would not say obviously looking for failure, but to be a knight of people who swear by Johnny Halliday or Patrick Bruell, the hell.

For him the death of the idol of young people is synonymous with a great historical day in the history of music. "On the day of his death, it was a relief, like the music of June 6, 1944, because of him we passed for cards for fifty years.

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