Sunday , June 13 2021

La Juventus is a new challenge for Serie A

Trois buts encaisses mercurdi for the Italian championship and trois of plus for a match 3-3 against Parme en championnat: to the Juventus Turin défense, which is a step ahead of the trophy of the Ligue des Champions.

En Coupe d'Italie Mercurdi, Juventus, has won the match against Atalanta Bergame (3-0), which is currently taking place in Italy.

The null concédé samedi à domicile makes Parme lors de la 22e journee est d'une autre nature. The adversary is the moon fort, who has been massaged by Massimiliano Allegri, for the expedition to the security of the bianconeri.

The fact that it is a simple step for the entourage of tourists, Bonapci and Chiellini, is the prime minister of Benatsu, who is in Juve and has a lot of people in Qatar lors du mercato.

Chiellini devrait to return to the final of the Ligue des Champions Championship at the Atletico de Madrid on Feb. 20, the Bonus Bonus.

En attendant, Allegri and the co-founder of the composer of Rugani and Caceres, arriving from Lazio Rome, did not have a jamais.

You have to be offended by Cancelo à droite et Spinazzola, which is a good place to go, to arrive at a fragile and Parme en profit, with a 2-0 puis 3-1.

La Juventus, which has a touch of deer footer in Khedira, and has been flown to Ronaldo (36e) and doubles through Rugani (64e).

Barilla and rapidement were Parme à 2-1, mais le double de Ronaldo une minut plus tard (66e) semblait avoir bouclé la partie.

Mais Gervinho and the renaissance forest Turinois. Dans le dernier quart d'heure, l'Ivoirien of aussi inscribed a double (73e and 90e + 3) pour offrir a point à son équipe.

Les Bianconeri is a non-runner who has been redeemed with the title of the championship with the Nevada points of view in Naples (2e), which has been the seat of the Coupé in Sampdoria Gênes 3-0.

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