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Lannemezan. "With Lyme disease do not give up"

Dr. Ghozzi is a standard for Lyme disease in the ward and beyond. The doctor talks about recent events.

Dr. Ghozzi, above all, what is the Lannemezan Care and Reference Center?

As part of the Lyme Plan of the Ministry of Health, and following the publication of the High-Authority Health Care Guides (LHM) of the High Authority in June 2018, it was planned to appoint 5 specialized MVT reference centers across France. The application for the Lannemezan Hospital Center was filed in March 2019 and the dossier was considered valid for this application. Unfortunately, knowing that the appointment of the five centers in the Official Journal of the French Republic has not yet been published, Lannemezan's center was not chosen by the jury that made the choice. of the 5 centers.

What is your reaction to the fact that Lanamezan's center was not in Paris?

We are very disappointed with this choice because at the national level, the Lannemezan Department of Internal Medicine is fully recognized and supported by patients with these MVTs. For the 5 selected centers nobody supported the associations of patients with these diseases. It is also a pity that the associative members who participated in the jury have no report or knowledge of Lym's disease and its potential consequences.

What are you going to do now?

First, we asked for an interview with Minister of Health, Anes Bussin, to see if there is a chance of catching up for our center and that of Garsh hospital, because this decision raises anger. and the concerns of all associations dealing with Lym's disease.

But be sure that hospitals will continue to treat patients within centers of competence but also in the context of traditional hospital care and this will be the case with our Lannemezan services.

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