Tuesday , June 15 2021

Maxim Prevo is the new president of CDH


Maxim Prevo, Mayor of Namur and regional MP, inherited Benoit Lutgen as CDH president. He was elected with 85% of the votes of HDF activists gathered in Louvain-la-Neve on Saturday morning. More than 1,000 activists arrived around 10 hours around Socrates' audience to vote.

"I deny nothing of the past, but I will probably give a different impetus," Maxim Prevo said at the time of filing his candidacy.

In his previous interview, he also said he would not subscribe to his scarf. "I will not return to a ministerial position, but the positions of the mayor and the party chairman are compatible."

Max Preva opposed four other presidential candidates: Francois-Xavier Blanpain, former CSA political counselor and deputy chairman, Bashir Laval, former Sergeant local district president, Arthur Defoehn, retired military, and Jan Lennes, candidate from Antwerp for the third time.

That is why Namur's bourgeoisie has been appointed chairman of the HRC until 2024.

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