Saturday , July 24 2021

Megan Marcall: This little secret that Prince Harry had hidden from her, and that amused her a lot

Gary Barlow, one of the singers "Take That," made a little secret about Prince Harry in Megan Markel …

Megan Markell and Prince Harry have the perfect couple. After announcing his engagement, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are passionate about the general public: their dream wedding, the announcement of the pregnancy of the former actress … But the newlyweds continue to find things for each other. Sometimes surprising, by the way! The proof: recently, mother-in-law learned a little secret about her husband, as he said mirror,

This secret, discovered by chance, thanks to Gary Barlow, the singer of Take That, during the Royal Variety. The latter trusts the duchess: " Your husband is on one of our records. " At first she thought it was a joke, and they laughed. But realizing that she did not take it seriously, the singer insisted: We are serious! ".

Prince Harry himself confirmed the information to his wife, recalling the event: He was in Jamaica, was not he? he asked. The news seems to surprise Megan Markell as she responded "Lord, we learn every day. " For the recordings, Prince Harry does not sing the record. On the other hand, he plays the tsunami on the song Sing, Similarly, even after marrying someone, it's always possible to find some details about your life.

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