Monday , November 29 2021

Michel Preud & # 39; homme comments on Agbo and Kosanovic's departures – All players


Liege's Big Core is down by two players this weekend. The Serbian defender and the Nigerian midfielder will engage with a new team in the next few hours.

As expected in a few days, Milos Kosanovic took over the leadership of the United Arab Emirates and the Al-Jazeera club. A 29-year-old Serb who is no longer qualified as a regular is expected this summer. "He had a one-year contract with us and was still hoping to find a good three-year contract elsewhere," says Michel

The former Malinois played to the end despite his situation. "He was super correct, even when he wasn't playing last season, he was always an exemplary correction. He came to greet and thank all his teammates and staff for his departure," the coach says.

Which means that Dimitri Lavale, the author of a beautiful last season in Maastricht on loan, is part of Preud & # 39; s homme plans. "If I was fifth in the hierarchy, I would have let him play a new season elsewhere, but since he is in the four, I prefer to keep him with us."

We didn't want to hire Agbo anymore

Departure from Uche Agbo was even more anticipated. On loan in Grenada last winter, the Nigerian was injured and had no clear head in Sandard. His transfer to La Gantoise will be formalized in the coming hours. "We didn't want to rent it anymore," explains Michelle Pred, who was already ready to part with it in January. "We prefer to get an amount to use for other players if needed."

Fans aren't necessarily happy to see him leave the club, which is still a direct competitor. "If a player wants this transfer, we also listen to it, then we have four players playing in this area with Shimiroth, Bastien, Bokadi and Ruskin. The hand is a direct competitor, for sure, but maybe one day it will fill the gap at home. taking one of their players who has a double or a triple, "says the principal.

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