Saturday , June 12 2021

Monte de Dimata, exclusion of Didier Drogba: RTL commentator mocked the canvas at Manchester United

During social networks, the network does not allow errors or distractions. RTL commentator Emiliano Bonfili learned the hard way Tuesday night in the first round of the Champions League of 16 between Manchester United and PSG.

Unlike the Parisians who had a 0-2 (goals review here) and who took a holy skill, the commentator experienced some failures during the second period. He, for example, confused Juan Mata, the Red Devil midfielder, with the striker Anderlecht Dimo ​​and, in the final minute of the game, favored Didier Drogba, not Paul Pogba.

Little mistakes that we can obviously forgive and who might be unnoticed but not counting on Twitter. Many Internet users are genuinely happy to report these small gaps.

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