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Morbiy, "It's really very violent"

He did not want to give his name but wants to testify. In the first ten days of May, this Haut-Pyrenean lives on Calvary Golgotha. She is part of a large wave of people infected at the Bayon Ham Fair from April 18th to April 21st. In the Atlantic Pyrenees, nearly 100 suspected cases have been reported since the onset of the infection, of which 55 were reported, but only 2 were in Hautes-Pyrénées, according to Occitania Regional Health Agency statistics. As his colleague in the Pyrenean Atlantic said to our colleagues, Bairnes, "Incubation can last up to 18 days, the first direct cases were identified much later." This is the case with our Bigigard, who felt the first symptoms already on May 2nd. White spots appeared in my mouth and I had pain in the esophagus. On May 4, my head was red and I had a large burst of fever that was confirmed the next day with the appearance of a cough. "After two first passages in the emergency room, our Bigigard was admitted to a permanent observation unit at the Tarbes hospital center from Monday 6 to Friday May 10." I could not breathe and talk anymore, and I had red spots on my skin with subcutaneous buds. measles is only used on Tuesday, May 7, because the disease remains rare and is often difficult to diagnose.

"I crumbled from this"

During his stay at the hospital where he, he said, "he was very well occupied by the medical teams," our Pyrenees testified to his suffering: "I coughed to suffocate and had a temperature of 41 ° C. "I was not vaccinated because I was not a child when I was a child," he said, "and I also gave the disease to another friend who had been vaccinated , "Says this Haut-Pyrenean, who is careful not to give advice on vaccination (see Flight o against) "without a health professional".

To protect yourself from vaccination

Faced with the revival of Occitania measles in recent weeks, the Regional Health Agency reported the need for vaccination to be effectively protected from the disease. Vaccination is recommended at the age of one year as well as in adults born after 1980. Of course, children under 5 years of age who are most affected, but adolescents and young people are far from spared. Be careful, you should get two doses of measles vaccine that should be protected, not just one, because in that case you can get it. When in doubt, it is obviously advisable to contact your doctor. Know that measles are ten times more contagious than the flu and can cause serious complications (pneumonia, encephalitis …) and sometimes hospitalizations (see vice versa). The patient was infected five days before and five days after budding. Symptoms can begin anytime, from 7 to 18 days after contact with a measles person.

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