Monday , June 14 2021

Pro League: Belgians Demonstrated in Australia (1-4)


Despite the mixed start, the Belgians rose to the point of dominating the Australians very clearly in the second half. With two wins (Argentina and Australia) and two games (Spain and New Zealand), the record of the Red Lions tour is excellent.

In its last 12 matches, Australia won 6 fights with a total of 23 goals (against 19 for the Belgians), allowed two matches and lost four times.

The temperature is close to 40 degrees. The Belgians found Colin Bach, their former coach, who this time holds the position of the T1 Australians.

First Quarter (1-1)

After 44 seconds, Australia was already in the circle. Bail, lonely in the far post, pulled out the cold red lions (1: 0) and missed the first chance of the match. Approximate defensive positioning did not forgive. In the course of the protocols, the lions began to define their structure better, as the opportunities were rare in the first quarter. On a loss of Vegas in the ninth minute, Beale fought Vanas. The bearer had the last word, but he accepted a computer. The first fighter jettisoned the ball. On the other side of the field, the Charter had a quiet first quarter to 14 minutes. Twenty seconds from the end of the first quarter Sebastien Docker took advantage of a free kick played by Tangi Cosins to try a cross-stroke that cheated the Charter (1-1). Shot in time without control.

Second Quarter Time (1-2)

Tim Brandt limped aside after contact with Arthur De Slower. The Belgians were better at the beginning of the second quarter. The Belgians spread the ball well. Hayward's center crossed the circle after 23 minutes. In the next phase, Charlie stopped in Australia's defense. Tom Boun fired his shot in the 24th minute but was hugged by a stick. Thomas Brielles is at the forefront because opportunities are rare. The first computer was whistle for the reds and was canceled by a clever video appeal. Denier scored the ball, but the defense was flawless. The first computer was finally screamed for the Belgians at 28 minutes. Beale took it foolishly. Alexander Hendrix bombed the stick with the ball in half. Beautiful power and precision! In the next phase, Australia provoked its second. Leapart touched her leg. Vanas was coming out of Gods's dream.

Time for third quarter (1-4)

Both teams were looking for a vertical game, but the defense was in place. On a beautiful overflow of Tom Boon, Dockie found himself shooting and made a fly (1-3). Boccard were pushing their way through on the defensive side with a free kick. The consignment was opposed. After the restoration, there were only the Red Lions. Tangi Cosins had already defined the fourth goal. Meurmans' spill was magical. His center was approaching the attacker's pocket, which made an unstoppable shot (1-4). This third quarter is one of the ways for the Belgians to create a lot. The combinations are successful. The judge was already whistling the end of a quarter, without the Australians worrying Vincent Vanas. Zanevski shoots nearly 38 seconds from the end. 6 seconds from the end, Tom Boung received the Belgian 2nd block of the match. The protection had come out of Bun's sleep.

Fourth quarter (1-4)

We've been waiting for a big Australian press in the last 15 minutes. The Belgians were the first in the round. When the Cinema Accelerated, the Belgians topped the fifth goal. Brilles, bumped into the back, could not deflect the ball. The striker slowly stood up. In the next phase, Australia inherited a computer in the 49th minute. The computer, poorly stopped, was turning away. Except for this computer, the Belgians largely dominated the last quarter. 9 minutes after the end, Bun caused the foul and the third computer for the Belgians. Hendrickx scored a goal but the referee did not confirm the goal. Arthur Van Doren asked for the video. The decision was retained. Docker missed a recovery 2 meters from the goal of the Charter. The Referee gave Australia a fourth place finish six minutes after the end. Sloever touched her leg. Vanasch dismissed the dispatch of the Govers. Briel was touched in his hand. The slight pressure from the last minutes was not a very worrying Belgian defense on the ground.


Australia – Belgium 1-4

Australia: Charta, Craig, Anderson, Belts, Ockenden, Whitton, Kleinschmidt, Howard, Beale, Mitton, Hayward,

Belgium: Vanasch; Boccard, Van Doren, Luypaert, De Sloover; Denner, Vegenez, Meurmans, Brielles, van Obel, Boon; Then Charlie, Hendrix, Doctor, Cosins, De Kerpel

Goals: 1st Biel (1-0), 14th Docker (1-1), 27th Hendrix on

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