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Revolut ouvre des bureaux en Belgique – Press Releases

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Brussels and Antwerp, 22 November 2018

Revolut, the European Leader with more than 3 million clients, will have offices in Bruxelles and Antwerp, Belgium and Belgrade. The Revolute, which is used for up to 3 minutes in a smartphone, is home to home appliances and international desktops, it is an acheter of crypto-montages with queues of seconds and has a total of 150 devices that can be used to change the reel .

On the basis of the Belgian fines, it has been promulgated by the re-licensing of banners traditionally on the frontier frontier and eliminating frontier caches, in the absence of a better customer experience and technology of pointe. In addition to 30,000 Belgians, a revolute, and an objective of the franchise company, is a total of 100,000 competing a la fin du semestre 2019.

Steven Geclowicz, passionate about the technology and the universities and financiers, rejoined the revolt of the country manager and was responsible for the Belgian operations. Steven was the first to be responsible for the development of the Delivero d 'ville d'Antones, de Malines et de Louvain. He is a graduate of the Cass Business School of London and the University of Hong Kong.

Andrius Biceika, Head of Business Development by Revolut, déclare:

"Nous sommes ravis d'accueillir Steven parmi nous pour nous développer sur le marché belge. The aura for the nourishment of the opérations and de faire connaître Revolut auprès du grand public. Les banques traditionnelles profitent deplois trop longtemps de leurs clients en appliquant des frais qui n'ont pas leu d'été, qui soit dans le gestion de leur compte et quotidien de lors de dépenses faites à l'étranger. "

Emmanuel Boulade, responsible communication France, Suisse et Belgique, déclare:

"La banque avaição de los ancientes de los ancientes de los ancientes de los ancientes de los información de los ancientes de los ancientes de los ancientes de los ancientes, At the sécurité de la carte, the easiest way to carry out the pilot application is to deploy the application, with the possibility of bloquer or instantaneous processing. You have the right to have access to the content of the files, to the contact information, to the magnetic tapes, to the restraints and to the distribution, to the security of the security and the security of the geographical location. "

Revolut has become a unique plateform for the global finance community, with smartphone assurance products or travel insurance options available, as well as the product of investing in venir. Some plateforms of trading actions, with the help of a robo-advisor permettant d'investment ETFs, have been set up to provide a personalized profile of the bi-lanterns.

The application is already available for 31 countries in Europe, and it has a presence in three new continents in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Nouvelle-Zealand and Australia.

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