Saturday , June 19 2021

SpaceX can offer a $ 500,000 ticket

The eternal optimist, rightly, Elon Musk is still planning, as early as 2024, the first piloted mission on Mars. Today he sets the ticket price: $ 500,000, but in order to bring it to less than $ 100,000! We are less optimistic than Muskus. If the star ship is ready for the next decade, as it stands, the technology does not make it possible to live or work safely on Mars until the deadline set by Musk.

for twitter and in response to a comment, Elon Musk has announced that the cost of traveling to Mars on board Starship will be around $ 500,000 or less! In the longer term, the ticket price may even fall below $ 100,000. Sufficiently low amount, according to him, so everyone who sells his house land can move to Mars if he wants.

This message happens until One Mars project, which plans to colonize the planet Mars without the possibility of a road, is in very big financial difficulties after the bankruptcy of Mars One Ventures AG who finances the project. Before drawing a final line for the latter, which some believe is fantastic, it is appropriate to wait until March 6, when a new investor can be announced.

If the dreams of the Red Planet are moving away to Marion on Mars, those of SpaceX are not better. On the one hand, it is very unlikely that the Star ship will be ready for a few years and realize its own the first mission on Mars in 2024, as Elon Musk likes to announce. On the other hand, the technology to make people live and work safely on Mars is not fully developed. As far as allowing people to stay alive and healthy during their journey on Mars, these technologies are still in the early stages of the study.

Difficult financing of technology is necessary to go to Mars

However, if science and engineering will solve all these challenges and make it possible to stay on Mars, if we leave time to time, the shoe is on a financial level. SpaceX obviously is not enoughmoney to fund this adventure alone. The company has to convince public and private investors to finance their project as well as to undertake NASA, which is not easy.

In a sense, and this is a shortcut, the business model of Mars One, which relied in particular on the public and on the principle of the actual TV, was not overly exaggerated.

However, conquest and space occupation require these ambitious, extravagant or utopian visionaries to choose, advance in space technology in this direction. So, if we do not imagine realistic calendars, thank you for paving the way to Mars, because there is no doubt that women and men will set foot on their soil.

What to remember

  • Elon Musk estimated $ 500,000 in the one-way ticket for March.
  • The first inhabited mission to Mars was planned as early as 2024.
  • A date that looks very optimistic.

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