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SS12 Rally de Monte-Carlo 2019 standings

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Before the final lap of the day, Sebastien Ogie still dominates this event, but Thierry Neville is only 4s1 behind!


This morning, Ott Tänak set the fastest time at that time at 10: 12.1.


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Call (10: 18.2) "That's pretty similar to this morning, I would say. This is very beautiful especially, I like it. The car is fantastic to drive and I want to thank my opener, they were fantastic. "
Suninen (10: 01.2) "We have super soft tires so they are no longer in excellent shape, but that's good. "
Meeke (9: 53.7) Some parts are dry, but the snow is delicate. I'm really glad today. "
Tänak (9: 53.2) "This is not very important because the others have no more nails. If there were snow or ice, we could lose 10 or 15 seconds, but nobody is behind us. It was not a big bet, but it was not bad. "
Loeb (9: 57.3) – I'm sure I'm having fun. This afternoon I was more pleased with the car, I could attack a little harder after I found a better setup for the audience. I enjoy myself. "
Latvala (9: 57.5) – I tried to attack as much as possible. I felt I had done something good, but we still had a little underdevelopment. Maybe I do not sail so well with cross tires. "
Neville (9: 54, 5) "In that respect, I was close to the border except for the ice where I'm sure. I did a good special and I could not do more. If tomorrow remains dry, it may be more complicated for us, but for now we have done the job. "
Ogier (9: 54.3) "We can not cope with so much progress that we had to attack, Toyota was still the fastest, I was attacking very hard, Now it's dry, So I can take some more risk, It's intense, that's for sure, I think , that on tomorrow's stages, C3 will work well. "

NEXT SPECIAL : ES13- La Bollène-Vésubie – Peïra-Cava 1 (18.41 km) starting at 8:20 (Sunday, January 27, 2019)

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