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study indicates the danger of ultra-fine particles


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We know the fine particles, but now we'll take into account those called ultrafine as toxic or even more of the larger particles. This is highlighted by the National Health Security Agency in its latest report, published on Tuesday, July 16th. Ultrafine particles measure only one thousandth of a millimeter and emit exhaust gases, but also come from industry and wood heating.

More deadly than road accidents

"Because they are very small, they will return very deeply into the body, first through the lungs and then in all organs mainly through the bloodstream … Air and particle pollution in particular ultraphin are responsible for a large part of the heart attack and cerebrovascular accidentsOlivier Blon, president of the Association for the Respiratory Environment, says air pollution is responsible for 48,000 premature deaths in France each year, twenty times more than the number of people killed on the road.


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