Sunday , July 25 2021

the Chief of Communications takes responsibility for the Soros case

"I knew and approved the decision to hire Fischer and similar companies." In the face of the controversy, Facebook's head of communication put the circle back. In an interview, Elliot Sharj on Wednesday assumed full responsibility for the appointment of a Filist agency, charged with spreading false information to discredit critics of the social network.

In an extensive study published on November 14, the New York Times reported that Facebook had asked Fleksers to campaign against billionaire George Soros, who criticized the social network early in the year. , The US daily also accuses Mark Zuckerberg of "ignoring the warning signs" of attempts by Russia to intervene in the 2016 elections in the United States.

When leaving June

"I left you," says Elliot Shaw, who explains that he has built a management system based on teams that have to track information about sensitive risks and problems. Elliot Sharg, who has already announced his intention to leave the company after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, also claims that Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg and operational manager Cheryl Sandberg "counts" the work done by Defers.

It also justifies hiring this agency for the need to increase Facebook's influence. In 2017, "we are also facing increasing pressure from our technology and media competitors who wanted the government to impose regulation," he said.

Sandberg admits he's heard of "Peace"

In the George Soros case, Elliot Sharj claims that Facebook wants, above all, to "determine whether there are financial motives" behind the attacks of a philanthropist who, in a speech in Davos, described the social network as "a threat to society" in January last year. He adds that his team has asked the Flasers to know which groups were behind a campaign called "Facebook Freedom," a civil society coalition.

"They learned that George Soros is funding several members of the coalition and they prepare documents they circulate in the press to show that this is not just a spontaneous civil movement."

It remains to be seen whether Eliot Sharj will serve as a fence for the social network to try to end the controversy. While Cheryl Sandberg said last week that she did not know anything about the agency's work, she admitted in an internal reply to the note that she had "received a small number of emails in which Def was quoted."

Mark Zuckerberg said he only heard about Fullers' public affairs by reading the New York Times. Stressed by the case, he said he had not "expected" to leave his post as chairman of the board.

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