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The future of Belchowitz? It has 3 options


Like T1, Karim Belhocine runs the recovery program (players will be expected on June 17 for medical tests). But at that time he will not be T1 anymore.

Even if there is no appointment with the management, Belhocine is not an opportunity for the position. "My future, I do not know, but I do not shut any doors. In particular, there are three possibilities.

1. Stay as T2

According to the contract, by 2020, Belchokin could once again become an assistant. If the new coach agrees to keep a coach who has shown his ambitions.

2. Exit as T1

His work at RSCA made his announcement. He could take the opportunity to look for a T1 position elsewhere except taking a smaller caliber club.

3. Exit as T2

A coach like Vanhaezebrouck may want to take it back. "He's going to take a club in June after he's back on his feet, but I do not know if he's going to be Gent or somewhere else, it would be a good idea for Ghent to take him back.

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